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Address: 727 Pleasant View Blvd, Bellefonte, PA 16823 | Phone: (814) 355-5026
Mustang Fabrication, Inc.

About Us in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Early in 2003, Chris Lauck had a vision of welding and fabricating for more companies than the sole general contractor he was working for at the time. After some meetings and paperwork, the vision became a reality and Mustang Fabrication, Inc. was formed. The business began with two or three employees, as well as a couple of torches, one handheld plasma, two MIG welders, and various small tools bought from the general contactor's fabrication shop.
Mustang Fabrication, Inc. was incorporated in February of 2004. Since then, we have grown to 10 to 12 employees with an office staff that includes a full-time estimator and project manager. Our equipment has since grown to include a HY-DEF CNC plasma table, 250 ton 12' press brake, saws, ironworker, drills, mills, saws, forklifts, mobile rig, trucks, trailer, etc.
Within the last year, we have purchased a six-acre industrial lot and are planning to build a state-of-the-art facility in the future. We currently take on any size job and strive to provide excellent customer service.
Chris C. Lauck
Chris C. Lauck
Chris has over 25 years of welding and fabrication experience. Chris graduated from High school and also has a technical degree. Chris came up through the trade getting experience through numerous hours of hands on. Chris starting with a small welding and fabrication company and ended up with running a large General Contactors Fabrication Facility before he had the vision of Mustang Fabrication Inc. Chris has strong blueprint reading skills, strong knowledge of all types of welding processes and a vision for design building. Chris currently runs the day to day operation of Mustang Fabrication Inc…whether it's on the shop floor or in a suit and tie meeting. Chris strongly believes in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Chris currently resides in Zion, Pa with his wife Lori, son CJ and daughter Hanna.
Contact us in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, for more information about our fabrication and welding services (814) 355-5026.